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Rely on an experienced lawn care company in Duluth, MN and all surrounding areas

You take pride in your property. That's why you shouldn't have to settle for a lackluster lawn. With a little help from the right lawn care company, you can watch your yard flourish into a thriving paradise. The Grass is Greener offers exceptional law care services throughout Duluth, MN and all surrounding areas. You can trust us to take care of your grass the right way.

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Our lawn care company is happy to perform:

Routine mowing

Shrub trimming

Seeding and sodding

Seasonal cleanups

Hardscaping work

Land Clearing/Excavating

Call 218-348-7476 now to speak to a member of our lawn care company in Duluth, MN. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.

Get the services you need from a talented team

You can enjoy vibrant green grass and neat, even edges with our routine lawn care services. Home and business owners trust our team because our creativity sets us apart from other lawn care and landscaping companies. We don't use the same old methods and materials. Instead, we innovate. You can count on us to give you a truly unique and beautiful lawn.

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Why choose The Grass is Greener?

You won't be disappointed when you go with us. We have seasonal contracts available so you can keep your yard in good shape throughout spring, summer and fall. Plus, we're fully licensed, as well as honest and transparent with all our clients.

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