Replace Your Grass With New Seeds or Sod

Replace Your Grass With New Seeds or Sod

Transform your lawn with seeding and sodding services in Duluth, MN

Sometimes, when your grass doesn't look its best, it needs more than water, fertilizer or aeration. You might need to start fresh. You can get new grass by coming to The Grass is Greener for sodding services or seeding services. Our team in Duluth, MN serves all surrounding areas.

Hire us today to add greener grass to your side of the fence.

Find out what to expect

If you choose our seeding services, we'll spread grass seeds throughout your lawn. You'll soon see new grass growing. Our sodding services are slightly more complicated. We:

  • Prepare your lawn
  • Spread black dirt and compost
  • Roll out high-quality sod

We can also lay down straw if it's needed to control erosion. Once our sodding services are complete, you'll see a carpet of fresh grass immediately. Ask us now how to get the ideal results on your lawn. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Duluth, MN.