Resolve Frustrating Water Problems in Your Yard

Resolve Frustrating Water Problems in Your Yard

Choose us for a French drain installation in Duluth, MN

Does your backyard pool with water every time it rains? If water is a problem, The Grass is Greener can help. We offer French drain installations for residential and commercial properties in Duluth, MN. A French drain is a trench that is filled with gravel or rock and sometimes a perforated pipe. It will divert water away from your yard so it doesn't pool, preventing soil erosion and other problems.

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5 benefits of a French drain

French drains are a popular solution for yards with slope and water problems. With a French drain installation, you can:

1.Protect your foundation and basement
2.Get efficient drainage
3.Add value to your property
4.Get standing water moving
5.Prevent contaminated rainwater runoff

While a French drain is functional, we can add decorative rock to give it an attractive appearance. Contact us now to schedule your project.