Start the Season With a Beautiful Lawn

Start the Season With a Beautiful Lawn

Count on us for fall and spring cleanup services in the Duluth, MN area

Seasonal changes can be wonderful, like flowers blooming in spring and trees changing color in fall. They can also leave a mess in the yard of your house or business. That's why The Grass is Greener provides comprehensive fall and spring cleanup services in the areas around Duluth, MN.

When your lawn is buried in mountains of leaves, you can schedule our fall cleanup services. You can choose spring cleanup services to edge your lawn and clean up your garden. Call 218-348-7476 now for a free estimate on either kind of services.

On the fence about a professional cleanup?

While you could do it yourself, you'd have a lot to do. You'd rake your lawn, pick up fallen branches and bag all of the debris. Then, you'd dispose of it or wait for pickup. Not only is the process time-consuming, but it can be complicated. A professional will provide you with more appealing results.

Our team can bring a vacuum mower to suction clutter from your lawn, then get rid of everything properly. Book our spring or fall cleanup services right away to clean your lawn without lifting a finger. We offer free estimates and serve customers in Duluth and Alborn, MN.